Useful Links

Here you will find a list of mental health resources that I have found useful over the years.

The resources are updated regularly. If you have or know of any resources that you want to appear here, please contact me.

For users and carers

  1. Centre for Clinical Interventions
  2. The Scottish Association for Mental Health
  3. Saint John of God Services
  5. Mental Health Topics and Resources for Patients and Families
  6. Psychotherapy services for individuals, families, couples, groups
  7. RCPSYCH Health Information
  8. Information and answers for people fighting addiction
  9. The connection between substance abuse and suicide

For students and practitioners

  1. The Scottish Association for Mental Health
  2. Centre for Clinical Interventions
  4. The British Association for Psychopharmacology
  5. Psychology Today
  6. Free Psychotherapy Books
  7. Popular Psychiatry Books
  8. The Stanford Prison Experiment – The British Psychological Society
  9. The Stanford Prison Experiment – UCSF Repository
  10. African Journals Online
  11. Psychiatric Times
  12. Practicing via telemedicine
  13. Wellness tips
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